We offer inhouse counsel and their businesses a clear strategy and road-map for matching legal delivery with business needs. That and our network of affiliated professionals/on demand lawyers empowers inhouse counsel and their businesses to add external resources rapidly in response to unexpected commercial needs.

We can assist your business to manage large legal projects such as ongoing adaption to regulatory change. We can improve delivery through efficiency and automation giving your business the edge in a competitive world of marginal gains. Our services apply to both existing legal departments and to organisations without in house teams.

We review the legal function to assess if a legal department is required and to ensure the right work is being carried out by the most appropriate resources in the most efficient and economic manner.

Our Services include a whole-scale analysis of the Organisation, Data, Resources, Legal Expenditure and Legal Work including;

  • Outsourcing and In-Sourcing
  • On Demand Legal Service
  • Value for Money Analysis of External Legal Providers
  • Price Structure Advisory
  • Case Management
  • Triage Policy on Legal Matters
  • Digitisation
  • Data Capture
  • Legal Technology Advisory
  • Automation & BPM of Existing Legal Services and Processes

We provide project management for legal projects which require oversight, progression and delivery on time and on budget.

Our Project Management Services include;

  • Estimate of Resourcing: Time, Money and People
  • Baselining
  • Plan Architecture
  • Project Phasing
  • Project Mile Stoning
  • Reporting and Dashboarding
  • On Demand Lawyers
  • Managed Service
We offer strategic advice in the areas of organisational review and change management.