Legal Audit

Leman Consulting’s legal audit services will enable your organisation to avoid litigation

Unfortunately, all too often, clients turn to solicitors too late, usually where a risk has turned into a dispute. And even a successful outcome in a litigation is often a pyrrhic victory. At Leman Consulting, we practice preventive, proactive law.

As legal specialists, we understand the true cost of litigation and dispute resolution; lengthy duration, significant financial investment, wasted management time, and reputational risk. Efficient organisations need to conduct regular legal audits to assess risk. Well run organisations invest in financial audits annually. In everyday life, we service cars, get health checks and screen for risks before they become problems. It makes perfect sense to mitigate litigation risk and complete a whole-scale legal audit to prevent disputes.

Leman Consulting’s legal audit services can show businesses how to avoid litigation. We audit the following 9 core business areas to identify risk.

1. Contracts, SLA’s & Licences– Insurance, Commercial, Supplier & Customer

2. Loan Agreements, Security Review & Debtor Risk

3. Property & Commercial Leases

4. Website, Social Media & Communications Policies

5. HR & Employee Risk Management Processes & Policies

6. Intellectual Property Protection

7. Corporate Structure & Corporate Governance

8. Data Management & Cyber Security

9. Pre & Existing Litigation


We ensure all the key issues are provide for.

Are all key issues provided for?

Do they deal with risks, describe product specifications, sets out timings, payment terms, delivery terms, costs, remedies, termination events and adequate dispute control clauses?

Do you give managers a standard form of contract so all key terms will be considered as part of the negotiations?

Do your managers understand basic contract law issues?

Is your insurance adequate?

Do your policies and contracts complement each other?

Does one invalidate the other?

Are you familiar with the claim disclosure requirements?

Are all your contracts live, smart documents linked to current legislation?

Are your outsourcing and supplier agreements streamlined through BPM?

Our review of contracts includes:

  • A review of your standard and customised client and vendor contracts
  • Evaluate the adequacy of the documents to protect your interests
  • Assess the validity and usefulness of limitation of liability, no consequential damages clauses
  • Assess IP ownership, arbitration/ mediation clauses
  • Advise on new clauses required to achieve operational and business objectives
  • Analyse your management of contract non-compliance
  • Check loan and debt compliance covenants


Do you understand the circumstances in which your lender can demand repayment?

Are you familiar with the security and cross-security provisions of your suite of lending agreements?

Have you considered the affect of a default or insolvency of one company on your group structure?

Will your group structure withstand it?

Have you carried out due diligence on new customers?

Are your terms of engagement clear and unambiguous?

Are your internal practices and procedures robust enough to minimise your debtor exposure?

Is your front line staff trained in minimising debtor risk at the point of sale?

Are your AML controls; cashflow management; credit control; purchasing policies; supplier contracts; customer contracts; invoice management and debt management adequate?


Do the terms of your commercial leases compliment your business plans?

If you need to exit, can you?

What are the financial liabilities of doing so?

When is your next rent review?

Is it upward only; upward or downward or CPI?


Are your website T&C’s compliant with consumer legislation?

Are your internal website and social media policies compliant with employee rights?

Do you have an effective communications policy that ensures that all of your staff are on message and on point?

Do you properly document the receipt of employment applications and customer information collected on your web site?

Do you have consents for website links?


When did you last consider your day to day HR processes and policies?

Are your health and safety and employment policies and contracts updated and compliant?

Our HR audit is designed to maximise your human capital, ensure best practice employee relationship management and minimize the risks associated with both. It offers strategic advice in the areas of organisational review and change management, contract management, employee relationship management and compliance.

Our services include:

  • Key Employee Risk Management
  • Staff Contract Review
  • HR Strategy
  • Workplace Relations Policy
  • Recruitment Policy Review and Amendment
  • Staff Training Policy Review and Amendment
  • Ongoing Training
  • Disciplinary Policy Review and Amendment
  • Redundancy Policy and Procedure Review and Amendment
  • Holiday and Sick Leave Policy Review and Amendment
  • Bullying Policy Review and Amendment
  • Social Media Policy Review and Amendment


Is your IP protected?

We will review your IP assets, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets (e.g. customer lists, business processes) and proprietary information to determine that you have adequate legal title to your IP. We will review your internal processes for creating, capturing, using, and protecting IP and create customized guidelines and systems to create, capture, use and protect your IP.

Additional services include:

  • Review infringement monitoring and reporting practices
  • Review key employees’ non-compete clauses
  • Assess if your contractors adequately pass IP title to you
  • Confirm ownership of web assets: copyright, graphics, and domain names
  • Assess your possible infringement of competitors’ IP


Corporate Governance is the systems, principles and processes by which organisations are directed and controlled. Good governance should facilitate efficient, effective and entrepreneurial management that can deliver shareholder value over the longer term.

We know that modern business is not just measured by financial performance. Compliance with best corporate governance practice is now a basic hygiene requirement for successful boards, shareholders and investors.

Are your corporate governance structures, practices and procedures compliant with regulatory requirements and adequately peer benchmarked?

Our consultants have in depth knowledge of applicable regulation and governance codes and regularly advises domestic and international clients on corporate governance law, regulation and codes of practice in Ireland. We assist individual officers, boards and shareholders on best practice generally, corporate governance structures and issues.

We implementing effective training and corporate governance structures, enabling compliance. We specialise in delivering cost effective preventative training, and focused, prompt, understandable business savvy advice.


Reliable data is the cornerstone of success. Is your data managed properly?

Is it improving profitability and reducing risk?

Is it unmanaged incurring unquantifiable costs in terms of operational losses and potential regulatory penalties?

Is your data secure?

Good businesses must be able to demonstrate to their customers an ability to operate secure digital systems


“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser – in fees, expenses, and time.”– Abraham Lincoln Prevention is better than cure. We review your existing and previous litigation to identify trends and risk areas.

Do you have recurring litigation that can be avoided or reduced through risk management?

Do you know the cause of main areas of risk within your organisation.