Why Leman?

In delivering its services, Leman Consulting relies on the same core principles that established Leman Solicitors as one of Ireland’s fastest growing commercial law firms. We rely on innovation and not tradition to ensure that you get the advice your business needs on time and on budget.

Leman Solicitors was the first law firm in Ireland to operate a paperless office; the first to give its clients online access to their entire file; and the first to discard hourly rates. All of this makes us peerlessly efficient. So we can provide a greater level of service at a lower cost to our clients. Our outstanding efficiency has been recognised with ISO accreditation both 9001 for quality management and 27001 for information security.

All of our consultants are experts in their specialist fields. They have trained and worked in the largest professional services and tech firms in Ireland and the United Kingdom.



The Consultative Process

We have a 5-stage process as set out below. The initial stage involves a series of onsite desktop audits of documents, policies, processes and protocols. We conduct questionnaires and interviews with staff at various levels. This fact-finding mission helps us to get an understanding of the lie of the land and the current issues and risks facing the organisations. Our post audit report highlights the risk and compliance issues by urgency and identify

the corrective actions required to address them. Once the organisation agrees to take the corrective action, our consultants prepare a detailed proposal with costings, time lines and a remediation plan/ roadmap. Our consultants project-manage the implementation plan and when/where required we place consultants on site to complete the project. We also provide a managed service to ensure ongoing compliance and best practice within the organisation.

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